Visitor Information

As a visitor aboard canal boat Sanctuary, you will have the opportunity to practise some of the Buddhist principles which inspired the Reiki Precepts.

Right Action: Our actions directly effect our planet and the life forms that inhabit it. The ‘grey water’ from the boat goes directly into the canal. Please ensure any products you bring with you, such as shower gel etc, are eco-friendly.
There are always plenty on board, which you are welcome to use.

Right Effort: No matter where you board the boat, there will be some towpath walking involved. Wear sensible walking shoes such as trainers, and the English weather being what it is, a waterproof coat. Travel light and bring your things in a rucksack or ‘granny shopping trolley’. Wheelie suitcases are hard work on bumpy towpaths!
I’ll lighten your load by providing bedding, towels etc.

Right Mindfulness: The boat has no mains water or electric, which makes us mindful of how we use these resources. The boat’s electric supply is a 12v solar system. If you are bringing electrical goods, such a phone or laptop, please bring 12v chargers with you. (These are the ones you plug into the cigarette lighter socket in the car.)


  • Is the boat cold in the winter?  The woodburner keeps the whole boat warm. However, the floor can be cold, so bring slippers or thick socks. If you are coming for a Reiki Attunement, bring warm layers that are easy to take on and off. Some people experience fluctuations in body temperature during the attunement.
  • Is there much space on board?  Sanctuary is a ‘narrow boat’, so the doors and central corridor are narrow. However, you have a double bed, plenty of storage space and a sink in your own private cabin. Most people are surprised at how spacious the boat is.
  • What about toilet facilities?  There are actually two ‘toilets’! There is a commode for pee and a Thetford camping toilet for solid waste. The reason for this being: solid waste has to be disposed of at an official disposal point, which are few and far between. However, liquid waste can be disposed of under a tree, or on the compost heap, without causing any harm. Operating this system means fewer trips to the disposal point.
  • Do you have a shower on board?  There is a shower and a bath. The hot water for these is currently produced by running the engine. As most visitors are on board for a couple of nights whilst the boat is moored, they boil the kettle for a wash in their private cabin. (Update Winter 2013: Looking into gas water heating for winter showers and have installed a solar shower for use in the summer.)

Please contact me if you have any other questions regarding life aboard a canal boat.