Reiki Share and Learn Group

Reiki Share and Learn Group in Derby, for Reiki Practitioners of all levels. In our June ‘Reiki Share and Learn Group’ we’ll explore some of Buddha’s teachings. Buddha and Usui Sensei intended their teachings to be a non-religious path to enlightenment. The Reiki Precepts are clearly a simplified version of the Buddha’s teachings. The Reiki […]

Reiki Inspired by Buddhism: 11 The Journey

The similarity between the Reiki Precepts and the Eight Fold Path although striking, is not surprising. Usui Sensei studied Buddhism and Reiki was born of Buddhist practice. This week we conclude our exploration of The Eight Fold Path. Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki, intended it to be a non-religious path to enlightenment, as well as […]

Reiki Inspired by Buddhism: 3 Right View (2)

Last week we began exploring the concept of ‘right view’ or ‘right understanding’. This involves us accepting The Four Noble Truths: All life is suffering. The cause of suffering is craving. The end of suffering comes with the release from craving. Release comes from following the Eight Fold Path. Our ‘craving’ and ‘clinging to’ causes […]

Information for Reiki Practitioners: Hand Positions

Reiki Practitioners are encouraged to work intuitively, but beginners do find the Reiki Healing Hand Positions a useful guide. This set of photo’s takes you through a complete Reiki Self Treatment.

Information for Reiki Practitioners: Insurance

Several Reiki Practitioners have asked me for information regarding insurance. Personally, I think insurance is one big scam and we’d all be better off without it. Perhaps if it didn’t exist, people would take more responsibility for themselves, and stop seeking to blame others for their own mistakes. By it’s very nature, Reiki can only […]