Information for Reiki Practitioners: Hand Positions

Reiki Practitioners are encouraged to work intuitively, but beginners do find the Reiki Healing Hand Positions a useful guide. This set of photo’s takes you through a complete Reiki Self Treatment.

Information for Reiki Practitioners: Insurance

Several Reiki Practitioners have asked me for information regarding insurance. Personally, I think insurance is one big scam and we’d all be better off without it. Perhaps if it didn’t exist, people would take more responsibility for themselves, and stop seeking to blame others for their own mistakes. By it’s very nature, Reiki can only […]

Photo Diary: Building a Therapeutic Garden Mooring

These last 2 weeks have been very hard work, but the mooring and therapeutic garden are beginning to take shape. See photo diary. The garden aims to strike a balance between conserving local wildlife and habitats whilst providing a peaceful mooring where people can come to learn Reiki.

Learn Reiki in Staffordshire

The Reiki Sanctuary now has a permanent mooring in the Consall Nature Park, Staffordshire. This magical location sits between Stoke-on-Trent and the Peak District National Park. The Reiki Sanctuary is moored in private woodland next to the River Churnet on the Caldon Canal. As a Reiki Teacher, I’m truly blessed to be working in this […]