The Reiki Sanctuary Afloat

Moored on the Coventry Canal in tranquil countryside, The Reiki Sanctuary Afloat provides the ideal environment in which to learn, receive and practise Reiki.

Maybe it’s that you’re so close to Mother Nature. Or the fact that water is flowing all around you. Or the feeling you have escaped the world for a moment and can just be, at peace. Whatever the reason, there’s definitely something very special about Reiki aboard a narrowboat.

Look at these views from the boat…

…and yet motorway links and mainline trains are only a few minutes drive away. From the hustle and bustle of London to the peace of Reiki Sanctuary in under 2 hours!

Reiki Sanctuary: Home of Reiki Master JenniRay

Each Reiki Master brings something of themselves to their teachings. Jenni brings over 20 years experience developing and delivering self development courses for people of all ages and abilities. Since becoming a Reiki Master in 2004, Jenni has taught the Reiki Healing System to over 500 people.

Reiki Healing Treatments can promote emotional release and spiritual awareness. As a qualified counsellor with many years experience, Jenni can help you work through anything that has ‘come up’ during your Reiki Treatment.

Please read Reiki Healing, before Booking your first Treatment.
Please read Reiki Training Courses, before Booking your Attunement.