Reiki Share and Learn Group

In partnership with Headway Derby, JenniRay (Reiki Master/Teacher) offers three Reiki Share and Learn Groups per year. These groups are suitable for Reiki Practitioners levels 1, 2 & 3. JenniRay hosts these groups primarily as part of her on-going commitment to the Practitioners she has initiated to Reiki. As many practitioners do not have on-going support from their Master/Teachers, these groups are open to all Reiki Practitioners.

Here, in the west, we are all still learning Reiki, as more information about Usui’s methods makes it’s way here from Japan. Reiki Share and Learn Groups give us the opportunity to explore, in depth, various aspects of Reiki Practice.

We all benefit from sharing our knowledge and experiences, our concerns and challenges. Reiki Share and Learn Groups provide a safe, supportive opportunity to continue our Reiki journey and further our self-development. The number of practitioners attending each group is limited. This gives everyone the opportunity to contribute, and benefit from, the discussion.

To reserve a place follow this link: Details of next Reiki Share and Learn Group

Proceeds from these Reiki Share and Learn Groups are donated to Headway Derby, to further their work supporting people with brain injuries.