Testimonials and Reviews

When Reiki Master JenniRay began her journey, independent reviews on the internet didn’t really exist! People wrote actual letters, testimonials, on paper! Scrolling down the page you’ll find links to Jenni’s most recent reviews.


Chris August 2005 (teenager with ADHD) “Reiki has made a big diffrenec to my life. I have become a different person. Before I had Reiki Healing I was very agressive and always in peoples faces. I used to self-harm. Since receiving Reiki I have become less agressive and my behaviour has become much better. I no longer self-harm.”

Janet November 2005 (mother of teenager with ADHD) “Since attending your Reiki course Mark has learnt to control his temper and is making new friends. His schoolwork has changed for the better: before his grades were very low, but now they are good to excellent. His behaviour has improved so much we are now able to go out as a family.”

Carla Sam November 2008 (Graphic Designer) “On board I experienced a beautiful, welcoming energy. The boat was a very special, sacred space to receive healing and my Reiki II attunement. Preparation and healing was broken into manageable sessions, in between relaxing, chatting and soaking up the warm toasty atmosphere by the log burner. I’m grateful for this wonderful unique experience and to have had the chance to take a relaxing retreat at the same time.”

Melanie Horsey November 2012 “I had a lovely weekend away from the usual pressures of life, focussing on my own self development, and it was just what I needed. Jen is a very good listener, and it was so helpful to be able to work through my review of myself with her. It has been fascinating to learn Reiki, and begin making it part of my life. I would recommend booking an attunement with Jen to anyone who wants to work on their health and inner balance at all levels.”

Independent Reviews

Citizens Advice Bureau recommend we check independent reviews before purchasing goods or services from websites. So here’s a list of links to other sites, where people have left independent reviews about Jenni and her floating Reiki practice.

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