Hands-on Reiki Healing

Moored near Atherstone, on the Coventry Canal, our floating Reiki Sanctuary is ideally located to offer hands-on Reiki Healing Treatment to people coming from Tamworth, Coventry, Hinkley, Nuneaton, Leicester and surrounding areas.

A Reiki Healing Treatment is a non-intrusive therapy used to ease physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions. You can receive Reiki Healing fully clothed, either seated or lying down. The duration of each treatment varies: the initial treatment around 90 minutes and subsequent treatments around 60 minutes. Benefits are generally apparent after 1 to 3 treatments.

(illustration ‘how to self-treat’ from Reiki Level One training manual)

A typical Hands-on Reiki Healing Treatment

It’s time to switch off your phone, kick off your shoes, remove your wristwatch and relax… Having set your intent for your treatment, all you need do is relax. To begin, the practitioner will place their hands on your shoulders. Most people feel the Reiki energy almost immediately, as heat. The practitioner will then work from the top of your head to your feet, placing their hands in various positions along your meridians. The practitioners hands are held lightly touching, or a few inches above, your body. Most people experience the Reiki Healing energy as heat or tingling and all say it is deeply relaxing. Some find it so relaxing, they fall asleep. We do allow some time after the treatment for you to ‘come to’ and process your experience.

Please read Reiki Healing before booking your first appointment
If you’re unable to get to our floating Reiki Sanctuary, you can now arrange for Distance Reiki Healing to be sent to you, anywhere in the world.