Distance Reiki Healing

You can receive Reiki Healing, no matter the distance between you and the practitioner.

Rei-Ki can be defined as ‘spiritually guided universal life force energy’.

‘Rei’ can be interpreted as Universal or Spirit. ‘Ki’ (or ‘chi’) is the vital life force which flows through and around all living things.

‘Ki’ energy can be guided by intention (or will).

If for whatever reason, you can not visit us in person: you can arrange to receive a Distance Reiki Healing Treatment in the comfort of your own home or any safe, sacred space you choose. At a pre-arranged, mutually agreeable time, the practitioner will direct Reiki Healing to you in much the same way as during a Hands-on Treatment. All you need do is; close your eyes, set your intent and be open to receiving the Reiki Healing being sent to you.

Due to the completely non-intrusive nature of Distance Reiki, during the treatment you may experience an extremely relaxed state. It is very important you give yourself time to ‘come back’ from this state. Have a good stretch and a glass of water, before going on with your day 😉

(illustration ‘how to send distance healing’ from Reiki Level Two training manual)

Please read Reiki Healing before Booking Your First Appointment
Magdalen offers Distance Reiki Treatments from her practice The Little Reiki Shed