The reiki-sanctuary afloat

If you are feeling drawn to Reiki, I’d prefer to give you a Reiki Attunement than a Reiki Healing Treatment. In giving you an Attunement, in just a few days, I am giving you a gift that lasts forever. You will leave fully equipped with a comprehensive toolkit, enabling you to better manage your own health. The founder of the Reiki Healing System, Mikao Usui, realised this early on in his practice and described Reiki as:
“The secret of having good luck. The magic medicine of healing all kinds of illness. Mental and spiritual improving method”
It is this aspect of the Reiki Healing System I prefer to focus upon. Each Reiki Master brings something of themselves to their teachings. To mine, I bring over 20 years experience developing and delivering self development courses for people of all ages and abilities. If you want the tools to enable you to better manage your own health and personal growth, read on. Like many Reiki Master’s, I work from home. So, I offer Residential Reiki Courses aboard canal boat Sanctuary. Sanctuary provides the ideal environment for you to forget the rest of the world and focus purely on your own development. Moored in tranquil countryside, your Reiki Attunement will be a truly memorable, unique experience. Mikao Usui attuned thousands of people to Level One, and just 16 to Reiki Master Level. Since starting to teach Reiki in 2004, I have attuned hundreds of people to Level One, a handful to Level Two and just one to Master Level.

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