The Reiki Precepts

The following is a literal translation of the Reiki Precepts; pictured above in original form written in Japanese Kanji by Mikao Usui.

The secret of having good luck. The magic medicine of healing all kinds of illness.

No matter what happened; don’t get angry, don’t worry, just thank for everything.
Do your work diligently.
Be kind to people.

Every morning and evening put your palms together and read the rhyme.

Mental and spiritual improving method.
Original starter: Mikao Usui

The dictionary definition of precept is ‘rule of action’. The Reiki Precepts remind us that healing our own spirit is of paramount importance. Putting the Reiki Precepts into action every day, does as Usui Sensei says, improve one’s mental and spiritual health. This daily practice, of sitting quietly and looking honestly at oneself, is an essential part of the Reiki Healing System.

Usui Sensei believed the Reiki Healing System to be a non-religious path to enlightenment. The Reiki Precepts are very similar to the Eight Fold Path – the Buddha’s path to enlightenment. Both practices endorse sitting in a state of compassion and quietly contemplating oneself and one’s place in the world.

Show yourself some compassion: make time to sit quietly and contemplate the Reiki Precepts.