Learn Reiki in the Midlands

So who wants to learn Reiki in the Midlands?

People from all over the world, apparently! As the Midlands are easily accessed from most of the UK, the majority of people learn Reiki here on a sessional basis. Breaking the training into fortnightly or monthly sessions, you can work at your own pace, gaining confidence in each of the three components of Reiki Practice in turn. People coming from further afield are offered Reiki Level One as a 4 day residential course, with free accommodation aboard the reiki-sanctuary on the Coventry Canal.

Reiki Attunements

Traditionally, Reiki was passed ‘hand-to-hand’ from Master to student. The third component of Reiki Practice, the healing techniques, can only be practiced after you have been attuned to Reiki. Your Reiki Attunement is a unique, very personal experience. During the Attunement a spiritual bond is made between you and your Reiki Master. For this reason, we will only perform Attunements on a face-to-face, one-to-one basis.

Reiki Level 1

This Level One Reiki Course is all you need to practice Reiki for your own benefit. As a Level One Practitioner, you will also be able to give Reiki Healing to loved ones, pets and plants. All the techniques I teach at Level One are very easy to grasp. The youngest person I have attuned to Reiki Level One was just 7 years old. (consists of: teaching time, content) (accompanied by a comprehensive manual, resources and learning aids)

Reiki Level 2

Those wishing to practice Reiki professionally must progress through Level Two. (consists of: teaching time, content) (accompanied by a comprehensive manual, resources and learning aids)

Reiki Master Level

By invitation only. For those who want to live ‘in service’ to Reiki and teach the practice to others.

Sharing the Journey

Your Reiki One Attunement is just the beginning of your Reiki journey. On-going support is currently available via the Reiki Lounge forum. We’ll soon be offering regular Reiki Shares, and workshops to broaden our horizons, at The Little Reiki Shed. Latest news of our collaboration is on the blog.