Meditation Spaces: Middleton Lakes

Exploring the West Midlands and finding some beautiful meditation spaces out in the green. Meditation comes in many forms. Walking in the green is one of my favorites. Just take your time, stop often…and observe…listen…sense…Enjoy! Middleton Lakes, Tamworth, Staffordshire I love walking this area for its variety of habitats. From Middleton Hall’s formal gardens, you […]

Radio 4 discuss Mindfulness

Mindfulness and Meditation are finally being recognised as effective tools for maintaining well-being. In this half hour Radio 4 programme, Emma Barnett explores the practice of mindfulness You can quickly and easily learn mindfulness and meditation: to ease anxiety, stress and depression. Contact Jenni at the reiki-sanctuary for more details.

Reiki Share and Learn Group

Reiki Share and Learn Group in Derby, for Reiki Practitioners of all levels. In our June ‘Reiki Share and Learn Group’ we’ll explore some of Buddha’s teachings. Buddha and Usui Sensei intended their teachings to be a non-religious path to enlightenment. The Reiki Precepts are clearly a simplified version of the Buddha’s teachings. The Reiki […]

Considering Learning Reiki?

Seems lots of folk want to learn reiki ! Whole of October fully booked, so now taking bookings for November. If you are interested in learning reiki, use the contact form to get in touch. Include your phone number in the message and I’ll give you a call. We can then tailor your reiki attunement […]

Are you considering learning reiki?

If your considering learning Reiki we have lots of a few options for delivery of teaching, in the form of sessional (normally 3-6 sessions: tailor-made to suit you timescale). We are also able to accommodate residential training, which would be onboard narrow boat ‘Sanctuary’ and ideally completed in four consecutive days.