Meditation Spaces: Middleton Lakes

Exploring the West Midlands and finding some beautiful meditation spaces out in the green. Meditation comes in many forms. Walking in the green is one of my favorites. Just take your time, stop often…and observe…listen…sense…Enjoy!

Middleton Lakes, Tamworth, Staffordshire

I love walking this area for its variety of habitats. From Middleton Hall’s formal gardens, you can go through shady woodland, over the canal, around the lakes and along the River Tame. There is loads of thoughtfully placed seating along the way. There aren’t any challenging contours and it’s mostly good paths, making it an easy-going walk. There are lots of inter-connecting paths, so you can walk circular routes of various distances.

meditationspaces:middletonlakesYou can sit in the shade of the woods, by a babbling brook and let the water carry your worries away. You can bask in full sun, under big skies, surrounded by green and recharge your chi. Towards the river, the ground gets boggy and you have to slow right down to notice all the little flowers hidden in the thick green carpet. And everywhere, bird song fills the air. It’s a great reminder: We are never alone. We are just one tiny part of a vast inter-connected eco-sytem.

Tempted? Go on, get yourself out in the green. See if it’s on your doorstep: Google Maps

As the Birmingham and Fazely Canal runs through the middle of this area, sometimes I’m blessed to call it home for a week or two. Making it one of my favorite walking meditation spaces, quite literally on my doorstep! See the photo album on our FB page.

Why visit Meditation Spaces?

meditation spaces: buddhaBecause life is hectic. Because you need to recharge. Walking in green spaces has been proven to improve mental health and well-being. Take full advantage of the fact your brain is wired to recognise #3000shadesofgreen. Find a quiet spot, be still and observant. Take a long soak in the sea of chi that surrounds you.