Reiki Inspired by Buddhism: 4 Right Intention

The similarity between the Reiki Precepts and the Eight Fold Path although striking, is not surprising. Usui Sensei studied Buddhism and Reiki was born of Buddhist practice. This week we continue our exploration of The Eight Fold Path and contemplate ‘right intention’.

Last week, in discussing Reiki Healing, we touched on the important role of intent in the healing process. Both practitioner and recipient need to be clear of their intent for the Reiki Treatment.

In the wider context, Buddhism teaches us that right intent is the “Intention of renunciation, intention of non-ill will and the intention of non-cruelty.” (from the Saccavibhanga Sutta)
The latter two are self explanatory, but renunciation maybe needs some clarification. This relates back to ‘right view‘: the understanding that release from suffering comes when we practise non-attachment. Nothing in this entire universe is permanent and once we accept this, life becomes easier and happier.

In the Mahacattarisaka Sutta we learn “In one of right intention…the many wholesome states that originate with right intention as condition come to fulfilment by development.”
This reminds us that the Eighjt Fold Path is just that; a path, a journey. Living life, from the perspective of the observer, we develop a healthier way of being.
Right intention develops in us, when we live life without judgement or expectation. As an observer, we see a bigger picture, we move beyond the ‘I’ perspective. We begin to ask ‘Is this situation win/win for all involved?’ We begin to ask ‘Is this for the highest good of all?’

Scientists now are acknowledging the responsive nature of our universe. Realising the universe responds to our every thought and emotion, we would do well to consider just what requests we are putting out there! Being of clear and pure intent really can effect the quality of our lives.

Sit quietly and contemplate just what messages are you sending the universe. Are you frequently angry? Are you frequently anxious? The universe will respond and send you more of what you focus on. Perhaps, this week, you could set an intent to be mindfull of all that brings you joy and peace?

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