Welcome to the reiki-sanctuary. You’ve arrived here at a very exciting time. We’re expanding our range of services and will soon be opening a second premises.

You can still visit Reiki Master JenniRay aboard the Reiki Sanctuary, for hands-on Reiki Healing treatments and Reiki Attunements.

Jenni, working in collaboration with Magdalen, will soon be offering a range of short courses and Reiki Shares at The Little Reiki Shed. You can get the latest news by visiting our blog.

Inevitably, these changes mean we need to overhaul the reiki-sanctuary website. We will not take the site off-line, as we feel your being able to access the information about Reiki is more important than us appearing perfect . Whilst the site is a ‘work in progress’ please forgive us broken links, random text, missing graphics and notes to self.